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Provide your employees the opportunity to reduce their stress, cultivate mindfulness, have a more productive workday, and promote DEI. Our multifaceted offerings are designed to meet your company where it is. After a complimentary consultation call, we can decide together what will bring meaningful change to your company.

The Mindful DEI Program

The Mindful DEI Program is the cornerstone program of Source Wellness that highlights the intersection of mindfulness and DEI. This eight-session program will teach participants how to embody practices and new mindsets around this intersection. The goal is to increase connection and a sense of belonging across the organization and the impact will be proven through our metrics process and survey results.

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L&D Sessions

Our L&D sessions and programs give organizations the ability to easily access training sessions that are developed and facilitated by  subject matter experts. The 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions provide a deeper understanding of DEIMW. The sessions can be facilitated in small cohorts for higher engagement or leadership, and can also be facilitated for larger audiences of up to a 1,000 attendees.

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Strategy Consulting

Any strategic planning process is a change management process, involving a deep dive into planning and organizing key elements. With our consultants’ decades of experience in DEI and HR consulting, Source Wellness will guide you through the process of data collection, data analysis, setting key process indicators, and then developing a strategy, roadmap, and an implementation timeline.

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Our Non-Profit Initative

Source Wellness have set an initiative to bring more programming to Non-Profit Organizations. Every single Source Wellness program is available for non-profit organizations at up to a 60% discount, so do not hesitate to reach out.

We believe every organization can benefit from our programming, and we do not want to exclude any organization from the opportunity to work with us in cultivating a company culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness, and Wellness.