Our Testimonials

We have been lucky to work with some incredible clients. Hear what they have to say about our work together.

Kellon L. Jones

Program Manager of Global Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Working with Source Wellness during Mental Health Awareness Month has been a great experience. Overseeing a program is always easier when you have dedicated and driven partners like Marshall Kupka-Moore and Jacob Aqua. Having 16 sessions over the course of one month seemed like a challenge, but the feedback we received made it all worthwhile. Many members of the AWS community stated they wanted more and that the offered sessions really helped them prioritize their mindfulness. This allowed myself and I think others to really hone in on the “self” and to understand that its okay to put your needs first. Its such an important value to instill in any work environment and I believe Source Wellness helped us accomplish that.”

Cathy Hawley

Former Head of People & Culture at LRN

"Thanks to our employee Dana Vazquez, Source Wellness provided a great, interactive workshop for our employees, with a focus on mental health. They were easy to collaborate with and seamlessly incorporated our company’s specific cultural needs, including special connections to our values and topics that were on our employees' minds. The meditations during these sessions specifically were taken well by experienced meditators and those who never thought they could do it. They were able to create a space in which many participants felt comfortable being vulnerable and discussing challenges. It was great to see how engaged the facilitators were, and to see their passion for mental health inspire others!"

Don Cornwell

Director of Emory University Career Center

“The Source Wellness team has my highest recommendation as professionals who are passionate about not just contributing to but making a real difference in people’s lives through the power of integrated wholeness. Our Career Center staff have benefited from participating in a series of mindfulness workshops led by Jacob Aqua and Marshall Kupka-Moore. Their team quickly demonstrated an extraordinary knowledge and skill at leading our group by educating us on a variety of mindfulness concepts, leading impactful meditations, and providing information/resources in addition to other thoughtful take-a-ways. Jacob and Marshall excelled at building great rapport with the staff, brought thoughtful prompts to encourage people to share more openly, and through their calm, positive, non-judgmental tone and energy truly modeled holistic wellbeing.”

Jennifer Gulker

Practice Administrator at Institute for Women's Health and Body

“To help me get comfortable meditating, I took the word meditation out of my vocabulary. After all I was someone who didn’t even believe in the “word.” Somehow it seemed less intimidating this way, kind of like instead of working out and/or exercise, one could say, ‘I am going to move my body for 30 minutes.’ It opens up a world of possibilities and helps me broaden my approach. It’s all about being in the moment and becoming one with your body and mind, automatically giving you a sense of peace. Once I was able to ‘let go’ it all became very clear to me that this wasn’t just about meditating. This is a way of calming the mind which is all I needed to stay focused, level headed, and at peace throughout most of my day.”

Krystina Rastorguieva

Outreach Liaison at Emory Healthcare

"Jacob Aqua has provided mindfulness training for several of our teams at Emory Healthcare with consistent overwhelmingly positive feedback. Team members who never tried meditation before were pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the practices were and felt immediately relieved after the sessions. It was also a great team building activity that brought people closer together. I would highly recommend Jacob and his team, as they are not only experts at what they do, but they are also truly passionate about being a source of wellness for others. I believe that equipping our employees with tools to handle stress effectively is not only a nice thing to do, it is our responsibility as conscious leaders.”

Sandy Bumpus

Oregon Family Support Network

OFSN is so grateful for Source Wellness, and their work with our staff and community partners earlier this month!  Integrating the practice of well-being and mindfulness in our lives brings us into our whole selves, and reminds us every day that caring for our mind, body and spirit builds our strength and resilience!



I had the pleasure of working with Source Wellness during L’Oréal’s Environmental Health and Safety week. Their facilitator, Marshall, did a seminar for our employees, and we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the participants. They described it as refreshing, informative, and mentally stimulating. Marshall was incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable about the subject matter that he presented. My biggest takeaway was taking a moment to breathe at the start of meetings. This sense of pausing brings a different perspective on how to approach conflict or any type of difficulties at home or in the workplace. 

We later conducted a campus-wide survey, and the results were what I expected: 90% of our employees would like us to bring Source Wellness back to our campus. I am truly grateful for the whole Source Wellness team, I can’t wait to bring them back to L’Oréal.

Marjorie Renahan

Chief Special Programs & SEL Officer at
iLearn Schools

Working with Source Wellness to tailor a presentation for our school administrators was a great process. They listened to our needs, and developed an Empathy and Understanding presentation for the school leaders of our 16 campuses. The sessions were presented three times, tailoring each to the roles and responsibilities of the attendees, making it relevant to those in the room.

This attention to detail was not missed by the participants who were fully engaged in the presentation, and specifically liked the time taken to breathe and reset. School leaders were immediately interested in bringing similar presentations to their teachers and students. We look forward to the continued collaboration with Source Wellness to provide support and training for our entire school community.

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  • Shift company culture to be more wellness-oriented
  • Give your employees easily applicable tools for personal wellness and effectiveness at work
  • Learn to work with the mind instead of fighting against it; learn the basics of managing stress; and learn essential tools for productivity that will save time, improve teamwork, and cultivate a sense of rest 
  • A virtual curriculum designed so that each module builds on previous learning, creating a cohesive experience focusing on mindfulness, stress management and productivity 
  • These tools create a substantial change in employee health, satisfaction, and productivity
  • One-on-one attention can bolster your mindfulness practice 
  • Work with someone who has the sole mission of helping you improve your work and personal life
  • A more personalized approach can help you address life situations more directly
  • A coach can keep you accountable, point you in the right direction, and see your experience with an unbiased perspective
  • Manage life and work situations with greater clarity, peace, and self-compassion by creating a healthy space between you and life situations
  • Learn to work through issues directly without apathy and without escapism
  • 30 minute sessions, once per week, for three months 
  • Payment through a sliding scale approach: if you’re a CEO, you’ll be paying more than an entry level employee