The DEIMW Program

Today, employees expect company-sponsored continued education and training on topics relevant to their own lives. DEI, Mindfulness, and Wellness (DEIMW) programming is increasingly being recognized as essential for reducing turnover and improving employee engagement. Employees want to work at companies that empower them to live a life of greater meaning, connection, and inclusion. DEIMW programming shows employees that they are cared for, leading to a felt sense of belonging and an increase in productivity. This ultimately improves company culture and the organization’s bottom line.

The Purpose
of this program is to engage employees interested in learning about mindfulness, DEI, and cultivating an inclusive space so that they can contribute positively to company culture. It will teach participants how to embody practices and mindsets around the critical intersection of mindfulness, wellness, and DEI.

Our Collective Goal is to cultivate an increased connection and a sense of belonging within organizations.


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