Cultivating Compassionate Culture

We help people focus on their mental wellness, leading to more harmonious and successful organizations.

Anti-Racism Course
  • The opportunity to learn about racism in a momentous, transformative way
  • Receive the tools to understand and transform racist tendencies with kindness, compassion, and a desire to change racist systems
  • When intense emotions arise during this work, we provide a space to address these emotions with awareness, compassion, and a commitment to recognizing privilege and prejudice
Weekly Meditation Program
  • Allow your employees to experience a noticeable shift in well-being by practicing guided meditations
  • Multiple times a week, your employees can experience a sense of calm in the midst of a busy, fast-paced day
  • As employees destress and experience a healthier mind and body, they begin to feel more engaged and productive at work
Mindful Mentality Coaching
  • Many employees that we work with want to learn how to live and work more mindfully and productively
  • By working with our coaches one-on-one, employees can learn how to shift their mental paradigms
  • Learn to see your experience in a more mindful, clear, and healthy way
Anti-Racism Course

Allow your employees the opportunity to learn about racism in a gentle, powerful way. In this course, we give your employees the tools to learn about racism and transform racist tendencies into understanding, kindness, and a desire to change racist systems without shame or guilt.

Weekly Meditation Program

Give your employees the opportunity to experience a noticeable shift in their well-being by practicing guided meditations with our mental wellness leaders multiple times a week. With more stress-free employees, your work environment will be more enjoyable, employees will be more productive, and the bottom line will improve.

Culture of Wellness

With this initiative, we help entire companies weave  wellness into the fabric of company culture. Our top down approach cultivates shifts in policy and environment from an executive level. Our bottom up approach gives source advocates the direction to  organically be agents of change in their company. Learn more about how to bring your company a greater sense of ease, compassion, and purpose.

Source Advocates Course

This course teaches people how to be epicenters for wellness in their own company. With agents of change at work being intentional about company wellness, culture, and mental well-being, positive change is much more possible. We believe a mental wellness program is most effective when it begins internally. We take an inside-out approach for employees, by employees.

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The Success Stories

Hear From the Clients

“Thanks to our employee Dana Vazquez, Source Wellness provided a great, interactive workshop for our employees, with a focus on mental health. They were easy to collaborate with and seamlessly incorporated our company’s specific cultural needs, including special connections to our values and topics that were on our employees' minds…”

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“I am so thankful to Source Wellness for providing an introductory mindfulness workshop for my team during a challenging time for us as an organization. As a team, we were feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with all the changes occurring in our industry as a result of Covid. The Source Wellness workshop really helped us come together and cultivate a sense of gratitude even in the midst of a storm.”

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“Jacob Aqua has provided mindfulness training for several of our teams at Emory Healthcare with consistent overwhelmingly positive feedback. Team members who never tried meditation before were pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective the practices were and felt immediately relieved after the sessions. It was also a great team building activity that brought people closer together.”

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Enjoy a Short Meditation with Us

In this meditation, take a load off, slow down, and find your breath. If you get distracted, it's okay. There's no such thing as a bad meditation. When you get distracted, just gently come back to the breath.

Listen to more of our meditations on the acclaimed app Insight Timer

Who Are We?

We empower organizations to take wellness into their own hands. Our goal is to educate change makers so that they can transform company culture. We help employees be more mentally well, and happier team members will allow clients to feel more at ease. We are a small company that utilizes its resources to bring a sense of harmony and individual effectiveness to employees through mental wellness initiatives. Mindfulness and compassion are at the center of our values and programming..

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Comprehensive Offerings

Imagine if you knew how to work with the mind instead of fighting against it. Imagine knowing the basics of managing stress more effectively instead of drowning in it. Imagine learning essential tools for working with a more grounded efficiency, feeling a greater sense of harmony with your team, and learning how to slow down to give yourself the chance to rest. Give your employees helpful, easily applicable tools to help them live more happily and work with greater passion.

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Take Our Quizzes Today

We have developed two quizzes: our ‘How Mindful Are You?’ quiz and our ‘Compassionate Anti-Racism Quiz’ These quizzes are a great opportunity to see where you are on your journey with each of these topics. By taking the quizzes you may see that you and your employees still have some work to do. That is why we have specific programs developed so that you can take action to move in the right direction.

Compassionate-Anti Racism Quiz
Mindfulness Quiz
Water the Right Seeds

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