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What is the Intersection?

Employees face a complex variety of challenges today. To cultivate an awareness, practice, and understanding on how to flourish in this current environment, Source Wellness has created "The Intersection." 

This webinar series explores DEIMW -Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness, and Wellness. Each of these components, which often are taught separately, strengthen each other and provide more value when taught together.

Source Wellness interviews subject matter experts whose work connects to DEIMW so that we can collectively uncover the ways that we can heal, grow, and thrive on a personal and systematic level. 

The Intersection supports us in our lives and at work. Three core principles outline the importance of The Intersection:

1) DEI without Mindfulness & Wellness does not give practitioners the tools & skills to confront implicit bias or combat burnout.

2) Mindfulness without DEI and Wellness can be used to make people more efficient at the expense of wellbeing and inclusivity.

3) Wellness without Mindfulness and DEI neglects a crucial component of mind-training and can be very white-centric.


Episode 1: What is DEIMW? With Nasya Smith
In episode 1, we will have a discussion with Nasya Smith to learn - "What is DEIMW?" Together, we will engage in a short practice. Then, we will learn about Nasya's past and how it has influenced her current work. Listeners will also discover how DEI, Mindfulness, and Wellness support each other and how this integrated approach provides value to our personal and systemic growth. Nasya has counseling experience across settings; in educational institutions, primary care practices, psychiatric hospitals and correctional facilities. She holds a broad range of clinical interests, which include: mindfulness, shame reduction, self-esteem/self-compassion, socio-cultural-political context and mental health, destigmatization of mental health in BIPOC communities, spiritual identity exploration, racial trauma, and stress management.

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