June 22, 2020

Take Care Of Your Mind

When we work out, our muscles break down to be rebuilt with greater strength than before. But the only way that this can happen is if we take the time to properly rest so that this healing and strengthening can occur. Similarly, when we do work, our minds need time to decompress, rest, and slow down.

While sufficient sleep is an essential part of this mental respite, we also need other forms of rest, so that we can enjoy peace during our days as well. There are several ways we can take brief moments to take care of minds so that our mental space has time to settle and relax. Meditation is one incredible way to create this inner space, this mental break. It isn't always easy to calm the mind, and I encourage all meditators out there to start slow. Recognize that your mind will be busy, especially when you begin the practice. Every time you catch yourself distracted and consciously bring yourself back to the exercise at hand, you're not only strengthening your attention muscle, but you're slowly calming the mind indirectly.  

There are many more ways to implement mindfulness into our work day, so for more information on how to do so, stay tuned for more content.