Jacob Aqua

Chief Mindfulness Officer & Co-Founder

Atlanta, GA

Jacob started an intentional wellness and meditation practice six years ago as a way to find stillness and transformation during intense struggles with his mental health. He worked through many of these challenges through various lifestyle changes like meditation; a spiritual practice rooted in Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity; exercise; therapy, and Western medicine. Jacob has made it his mission to share the cultivated sense of contentment, joy, and productivity that he’s experienced with as many people as possible.

At Emory University, Jacob studied how to ethically share meditation and mindfulness through technology. He also co-founded a thriving organization called Holistic Hub (HH) during his time at school. HH utilizes holistic wellness techniques like meditation and mindfulness to help students reduce stress, improve well-being, and connect in healthy ways. After graduating, Jacob received a certification in Life and Success Coaching from Obtaining Mastery. He then founded J. Aqua Wellness, a mental wellness coaching company, where he works one-on-one with individuals to help them bring a sense of harmony, self-love, and mindfulness into daily living. He is also working on his Masters in Mindfulness Studies at Lesley University.