September 11, 2020

Stress Management Part 3

Self-care is an essential means of managing stress, and it is incredibly important to understand what self-care can bring to our lives. As a concept, self-care can seem silly. Obviously we need to take care of ourselves. After all, what do we do every day, but provide and care for ourselves? We do so much to take care of ourselves, which is wonderful. However, this idea of doing so many things can actually bring a sense of dis-ease and stress. Constantly having daily goals to accomplish on our lists can help bring productivity, but when those lists run our lives, we’re in trouble. In this context, self-care is a way to take a stand against the list-filled, burnout culture that we operate in. It is a means of simplification. Of finding ways to do less. Of finding ways to simply Be. Of finding ways to slow down. Of finding ways to just rest.