August 21, 2020

Stress Management Part 1

In this fast-paced and draining modern world, stress can run rampant in our minds and bodies. An amalgamation of illnesses and disorders are either directly caused by stress or exacerbated by it. Stress, as a biological necessity, is essential to our survival as a species. However, when stress becomes chronic our bodies and minds pay a steep price. Thankfully, there are many ways that we can adjust so that we can change our relationship with stress and find greater ease and productivity in our lives.

As a company, we here at Source Wellness make a dedicated effort to help others reduce stress. Our last article detailed the importance of our foundational value: mindfulness. Today, we’ll touch on our second essential value: stress management (as you will begin to see, our values are inextricably linked and inherently synergistic). Mindfulness can be an extremely valuable approach to coping with and even transforming stress into sensations of calmness and understanding. By integrating a mindful perspective, we can approach our stress with clarity, self-love, and a non-judgmental awareness.

We understand that as leaders of Source Wellness, we must set an example and embody this value so that we can create the space for others to cultivate a greater sense of stress management in their own lives. As individuals partaking in this hectic modern world, we have personally struggled with mental health issues. Because of this, we have found ways to reduce our stress and change the way that we interact with stress. In all honesty, we had no choice but to care about how we could cope with stress more effectively. We have faced some challenging times and the analogy we often use is we were more likely to wake up from a bad dream then a regular one. Our life experience would be very difficult if we didn’t practice stress management, so we have had to learn what works for us and what doesn’t.

So, how do we manage our stress? Again, we want to emphasize that we do not have all the answers. However, we hope we can point you in the right direction to show you what has worked for us. While there are a plethora of helpful tools and techniques, we will touch on three in this four-part series: cultivating a mindful mentality, prioritizing our self-care, and being gentler with ourselves.