June 22, 2020


Self-awareness is one of the most important tools that we can develop as we move into a more peaceful and productive reality. We must know who we are, where we are currently, and what we want in order to know how to set transformative intentions and take the actions we want. It's incredibly important to know how we see the world and by being aware of how we talk about the world can signify how we see the world. The true way to take action and see the results that we want in the business world and in our life is to really shift our perspective and that takes dedication and time.

A powerful tool to develop your self-awareness is to start practicing mindfulness, a tool that can sharpen your awareness as you learn to let go of distraction and come back to the present moment. When you're aware of this moment, you can watch your thoughts and emotions as they pass with greater ease as you practice more over time. Mindfulness is so tremendously helpful in the journey towards greater self-awareness and I couldn't recommend it enough.