August 13, 2020


As a company, Source Wellness has four core values: mindfulness, stress management, productivity, and engaged compassion. Of these values, there is one foundational value that is the bedrock from which all others arise. This value is Mindfulness. For the well-being and success as a company, mindfulness is what Source Wellness prioritizes.

Mindfulness is a term that has become oversaturated. For the sake of accessibility, it makes sense for us to use a word that is overused rather than attempting to use a new word that doesn’t have the same meaning or cultural context. For practicality, it makes sense to define mindfulness. Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn describes it as, “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.” This definition is a good starting place, but it is something that we must experience first-hand to grasp its full meaning.

When we have an experiential connection to mindfulness, it can literally shift the course of our entire life. For us, it has brought such an immense transformation in how we see the world. Many people don’t understand that mindfulness doesn’t have to be this “woo-woo” thing about conscious awareness or centering ourselves; while it does do those things, it’s very hard to explain without using those types of terms. 

Mindfulness is truly one of the most practical tools that we can use. It’s a way to sharpen our minds. It even helps us take a step beyond the mind, granting us the ability to step back and say, ‘wait, I have these thoughts in my head going the whole day, but I never question those thoughts. I never realized that I could have influence over whether or not those thoughts have power over me. After all, they are often very negative, unwanted, or repetitive.’

Mindfulness is extremely freeing because thoughts and emotions are pulling our valuable energy in thousands of different directions each day. Can you imagine being able to take a step back from those thoughts and emotions just a little bit? That space gives us the opportunity to feel a bit more distant from unwanted thoughts and emotions.

It’s also important to know that this whole process is not something that results in apathy or facilitates a kind of escapism. We still can choose to open our hearts to beautiful emotions like love, peace, and contentment. And the mindfulness process can even help us feel anger, sadness, and/or frustration with more clarity and grace. Ultimately, with proper time, practice, assistance, and intention, this full range of experiences and emotions has the power to bring greater compassion, productivity, and stress management.

Again, mindfulness is so deeply experiential that this theoretical description only scratches the surface. When we really feel that feeling, that awareness, that contentment, that freedom, we don’t want to go back to a life devoid of intentionality and mindfulness. While those living without that intention are certainly not ‘doing it wrong,’ it’s a company mission of ours to help others live with greater happiness, self-love, and deep peace. Mindfulness is certainly one effective way of doing so.