November 19, 2021

Journaling for Mindfulness

Journaling is a helpful practice that wellness professionals often recommend. To some people, it may seem like an odd activity to do. However, journaling helps  us to reflect deeply  Journaling can:

  • Help us mentally and emotionally sort out our goals, fears, or problems in our day-to-day life
  • Examine recurring patterns in life, so that we can pinpoint the problems holding us back
  • Give us an opportunity to talk positively to ourselves

During plenty of days, I’ve sat down with my pen and paper realizing that I had no idea what to write about or how to sort out the hectic nature of my day. This is where journal prompts can come in handy. Below, there are a list of prompts that can encourage you to put your pen to the paper. I invite you to try these journal prompts whether you’re new to journaling or you just need a prompt to get the ball rolling again. 

Don’t worry if you begin writing about one prompt and end up working through a completely different topic. This can be  an unstructured practice! It can feel like your spewing your stream of consciousness onto paper. That can be incredibly healthy. Allow your mind and heart to go where they need to go.

Journal Prompts


  • What aspects of your personality do you appreciate most?
  • What are the most important values in your life and how do you practice them?
  • List 5 things you are grateful for today.
  • How do you take care of yourself everyday? 
  • How can you better live in alignment with your personal values?


  • What are your strengths in personal relationships? (Ex. Kindness, trustworthiness)
  • How can you better support your loved ones? How could they better support you?
  • Who do you trust the most and why?
  • What have you learned from past relationships?


  • What are your career ambitions and why?
  • What are the best lessons you’ve learned in your professional career?
  • Do the people you work with recognize your strengths? If not, what strengths are they not seeing?
  • What part of your workday is the most enjoyable for you? Least enjoyable?

Working through uncomfortable emotions:

  • What are three obstacles that block you from achieving happiness? How can you chip away at those slowly?
  • Do you have any choices that you regret? What did this experience teach you?
  • What parts of your day cause you stress, fear, or frustration? Are there any strategies you can employ to help you better deal with them?
  • What are some negative phrases you say to yourself? How can you rephrase them towards encouragement or positivity?
  • Do you have any coping mechanisms to work through emotional pain?

It’s important to remember that journaling is a deeply personal practice. Ensure that you’re writing in a space where you feel safe to express yourself.

Let your mind flow with your pen and don’t worry if you get to a place where you feel stuck. It’s a practice, so some days will feel better and others more challenging.

Happy journaling!