Belonging in Virtual Spaces

Session Description:

Diversity is important, but it is clearly not enough to have teams that work synchronously together. Employees must also cultivate the capacity to connect and include others. So, there is another question: how can we instill the desire for employees to include others? If employees clearly learn about how they can cultivate belonging and what’s at stake around their own well-being because of this necessity, there is a higher likelihood that they will prioritize belonging for themselves and others. In Source Wellness’ introductory webinar, titled Belonging in Virtual Workplaces, we introduce essential inclusionary skills and practices to help employees cultivate greater belonging in their teams.

Session Outline:

  • Gain an understanding about the science around belonging so participants can begin to buy-in
  • Learn about four essential keys of cultivating environments of belonging: presence, attunement, connection, and affirmation
  • Experience a variety of practices exercises in order to embody these four keys
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