Our services are designed to provide your company with everything necessary for a less stressed, more mindful, and more productive workforce. Our multifaceted offerings are designed to meet your company where it is. After an short introductory call, we can decide together what your company may need.

Other Key Offerings

Give your employees powerful, easily applicable tools for their personal wellness and effectiveness. Imagine understanding the basics of how to work with your mind instead of fighting against it; the basics of managing stress instead of drowning in it; essential tools for productivity that will save time, improve teamwork, and increase brain health.

  • Our virtual curriculum is designed such that each module builds on previous learning, creating a cohesive experience. We selected each lesson based on market research which revealed mindfulness, stress management, and productivity as 3 key areas that lead to increased employee wellness and an increase in on the job satisfaction.
  • Having applied these lessons into our own professional and personal lives, we expect these tools to create a substantial change in employee health, satisfaction, and productivity.

Quite simply, one of the primary reasons that some wellness programs fail is that they do not address the intimate needs of employees. By working directly with employees within different companies who already have an established wellness practice, we have the opportunity to help Source Advocates be agents of change within their companies. We work to deepen advocates' wellness practice while teaching them how to implement organic and systematized growth within companies.

  • This virtual program gives employees the tools they need to become agents of change in their own companies. No one better understands the struggles and challenges of employees more than employees themselves. Once people are empowered with the right tools and space to make substantial change, they will do what is necessary to help their fellow coworkers.
  • All Source Advocates must take our Source Foundations Course before becoming an Advocate. Once they have these essential tools, we cultivate inner development and share valuable insights on how to effectively implement strategies to bring change to their companies. Completion of this course will enable employees to reshape company culture and be more focused on their own well-being and the company's well-being.

While our courses and meditation program are incredibly transformative, we understand that developing a mindfulness practice is difficult without some one-on-one attention. Mindful Mentality Coaching is a more personalized approach than the group experiences that we curate for companies. By discussing how you can address life situations more directly with a mindful lens, we can help you experience a healthy space between you and life’s problems. This space between you and your hardships allows you to work through them with greater clarity, peace, and self-compassion. In time, you will learn to manage these issues more directly without apathy and without using various means of escapism. 

  • These sessions will be carried out in 30 minute segments. We will decide the frequency of your sessions on a case-by-case basis. You will be able to work with our mindful mentality coaches, who have years of experience working with a variety of clients. We accept payment through a sliding scale approach, where your prices will reflect your position in your company and your salary. Basically, if you’re a CEO, you’ll be paying more than an entry level employee.
  • Working with someone who can keep you accountable on your mental wellness journey can make an unfathomable difference in your life. Not only will you be able to have a guide to help point you in the right direction, but you will have someone who will be an unbiased supporter with the sole mission of helping you improve your work and personal life. 

Core Offerings

Allow your employees to have the opportunity to learn about racism in a gentle, yet powerful way. In this course, we give your employees the tools to learn about and combat racist tendencies that they may unknowingly have while teaching people how to take actionable steps to live an inclusive and anti-racist life. The entire process aims to help each person learn about racism in a supported space while minimizing unhelpful feeling of shame or guilt. Our aim is to open up channels of communication so that the topic of racism can be addressed and anti-racism can prevail.

  • Our curriculum builds on itself each week. We will develop our emotional immune system, examine institutionalized racism, learn about how compassion can fight internal and external racism, explore allyship and solidarity, and end with a session on how to integrate anti-racism into the workplace.
  • Combating racism is necessary work for everyone, regardless of race. These sessions, when taken to heart, will have a major impact on employees’ relationship to racism and will help them chart their own path towards living compassionate, anti-racist life. Now it is up to you. Do you have the courage to confront racism as an institution?

During this turbulent time, employees typically feel overworked and burnt out. In our workplaces today, there is a tremendous need for programming that directly addresses mental wellness concerns. Our Weekly Meditation Program is an effective means of helping employees reduce stress significantly, manage their day-to-day workload with clarity, and develop a practice increasing both mental wellness and productivity. This offering is also easy to incorporate into everyone’s packed schedules, as the sessions are just twice a week for twenty minutes; however, don’t let the short time fool you. In this mental respite, employees are guided into a state of peace, rest, and self-awareness. Further, the guidance is easy to apply for those who have never meditated and will help those who are experienced meditators deepen their practice.

  • The sessions are twenty minutes each, twice a week. They are structured into three short periods. For the first 2-3 minutes, we settle into the virtual space and take a few moments to check in with our participants. Next, we guide a 10 minute meditation. To finish up, we take about 7-8 minutes to reflect on our experience, answer any questions that employees may have, and discuss our time together.
  • Another element of this offering is the opportunity for employees to connect with our wellness leaders outside of these sessions. Through email correspondence, participants can ask us questions at any time, and we will promptly respond. We want to ensure that employees have the guidance, support, and attention through their meditation journey that they typically will not receive through meditation apps.