January 9, 2023

The SW Team Presents: The Best 10 Pieces of Content from 2022

In the interest of starting off the new year the right way, Source Wellness has put together 10 of our most influential pieces of content (meditations, webinars, blog posts, and more) to showcase who Source Wellness is. You will discover why we are different from other Learning and Development and DEI companies in this industry. The intentional integration of mindfulness and wellness in the DEI space is an innovative and transformative component. We hope you enjoy this content as much as we enjoyed making it!

1) The Intersection Webinar, Episode Six: SW Launches their Mindful DEI Program

This webinar is groundbreaking in coining the acronym “DEIMW”. The discussion brings awareness to the idea that you cannot have effective diversity, equity, and inclusion programming in the workplace without integrating mindfulness and wellness. This is the ethos of Source Wellness and our primary point of differentiation as a leading company in the DEI training space with the unique approach of integrating mindfulness and wellness.

2) Blog Post: Why DEIMW?

Nobody has ever said that unpacking things like implicit bias, learning and unlearning, and “doing the work” is easy. Without the key components of mindfulness and wellness, burnout can and will happen. Burnout makes it difficult for embodied change to occur and can hold us back instead of moving us forward. Self-reflection, stillness, and cultivating awareness of our own well-being are crucial to the work of cultivating inclusive and safe workplaces for all.

3) The Intersection, Episode Four: The Secrets that DEI Leaders know and Practice with Anakha Coman

In this webinar, Anakha discusses key practices that can be utilized by leaders implementing DEI initiatives. This webinar encapsulates one of my favorite quotes from Brene Brown: “I am not here to be right, I am here to get it right”. In summary: vulnerability, showing up, and putting in the work is more important than perfection. Mistakes will happen while implementing DEI work, learning from the mistakes is what matters most.

4) Blog Post: Why the Name Source Wellness?

This piece encapsulates exactly what we stand for as a company. The blog explains what Source Wellness does, why we do what we do, and how incredibly important this work is. Belonging cannot occur without diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, while wellness cannot occur without belonging. 

5) Instagram Post: Welcome Your Team to Meetings with Three Deep, Mindful Breaths

This is such a simple practice, yet it makes a massive difference in the day-to-day lives of people in the workplace. Often, we are running from meeting to meeting, and it can be wonderful to just take a moment and pause, centering ourselves and practicing vulnerability with one another. 

6) Blog Post: Mindfulness and Wellness Can Help Combat Burnout During the DEI Journey

This blog post gives us a deeper understanding of the learning and unlearning that occurs on this path. We cannot pour from our cup if it is empty. If we cannot care for ourselves and our wellbeing, we cannot fully aid in enhancing the wellbeing of others. Empathy for others is difficult if we do not have self compassion. Likewise, it can be especially difficult to empathize with those whose experiences are different and unknown to us when we’re not connected to our common humanity.

7) Insight Timer Meditation: 3 Minute Compassion Meditation with Marshall Kupka-Moore

Three minutes is an accessible amount of time for folks who may have busy schedules or be intimidated by the idea of a 10 minute meditation. This is a meditation that you can practice at any time throughout your day, be it in your office when you first arrive at work or in the middle of the day at lunch. This meditation brings a calming and loving energy that individuals can share freely throughout their workday.

8) Blog Post: Workplace Wellbeing is a Major Priority for the U.S. Surgeon General

This blog post showcases that the intention to cultivate wellbeing at work is not something to take lightly or regard as simply a trend. Holistic care and compassion for people in the workplace is moving forward. This summary of the U.S. Surgeon General’s framework shows that wellness and DEI cannot exist without one another. 

9) The Intersection Episode Two: Leadership Commitment to Wellness and Culture

In this episode we talk with Angela R. Howard, an organizational psychologist, culture strategist, and social entrepreneur working to build human-centric workplaces, better leaders, and thriving communities. We discuss the importance of leadership having a commitment to employee wellness and building a positive work culture. The key takeaway of this episode is that small changes toward positive culture shifts can make major improvements on workplace culture.

10) Blog Post: Belonging in Virtual Workplaces

Remote work is here to stay and it is critical that individuals feel like they belong at work in a remote setting. Social belonging is essential and can make work a safe space and an enjoyable experience. If it is lacking, employees end up having job dissatisfaction which negatively impacts mental health.