Nasya S. Smith M.A.

DEIMW Facilitator and Consultant

Needham, MA

Nasya is a clinical therapist with nearly two decades of experience working in the field of mental health and human services. She was introduced to the principles and practices of Mindfulness through trainings in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Dialectical Behavioral therapy (DBT) as early as 2007. In both her personal and professional life, she’s had the opportunity to experience the benefits of compassion, present-mindedness, and a nonjudgmental stance. She has developed and facilitated Mindfulness-based practice in individual sessions and therapeutic groups for several years.

She recognizes that we exist in a socio-cultural-political context that interacts with our mental health, and thus approaches her work through an intersectional lens. She has discovered that the interrelation of DEI and Mindfulness fosters cultural awareness and cultural humility. Nasya’s professional approach is to provide a collaborative therapeutic space, and she aims to empower others through a whole-person, trauma-informed approach.

Nasya has counseling experience across a variety of settings; educational institutions, healthcare, and correctional facilities. She has a MA in Counseling Psychology from the Lynch School of Health and Human Development at Boston College.