Ekrem Kurucan

Chief Operations Officer

English, Turkish
New Jersey

Ekrem’s main passion always was and still is Psychology, but he decided to major in Strategy and Management Consulting with a minor in Entrepreneurship due to his insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. In college, he was part of the Compass Fellowship, a multi-national organization that provides training on how to start socially responsible businesses. He co-founded TapTask, an Uber-like platform for all tasks oriented towards small businesses. After college, he was a project manager at Epic Systems, the largest Electronic Healthcare Records Software system in the US, managing dozens of client analysts for systems implementation in hospitals all across the nation for two years.

His mission in life is to help people with the development of their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mindfulness, because these three qualities are what he feels has most immensely supported his own personal growth. He wants to ultimately lend a helping hand directly to individuals one-on-one, which is why he is committed to going back to school to become a therapist. He understands that he can make this life pivot at any time. Right now, he is working on his goal to affect change at a larger scale through Source Wellness. By utilizing his organization and management skills, he supports experts in their facilitation to large audiences. Ekrem has been on humanitarian trips to Kenya and Haiti, and hopes to open a non-profit psychology association to support those with depression.