Our Offerings

Provide your employees the opportunity to reduce their stress, to incorporate a more mindful approach, and to have a more productive workday. Our multifaceted offerings are designed to meet your company where it is. After a complimentary consultation call, we can decide together what will bring meaningful change to your company.

Examples of Customized Programs

Core Offerings

  • For Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2021, we worked with Amazon Web Services office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity to provide all Amazon employees the opportunity to practice a variety of mindfulness techniques with a diverse group of practitioners.
  • The sessions took place at four different times each Monday of the month so that employees in other countries could participate.
  • The events were live-streamed to hundreds of employees throughout each day.
  • For several months in 2020, Source Wellness conducted a series of mindfulness and mental health workshops with LRN focusing on how mindfulness and other lifestyle changes can improve mental well-being.
  • The workshops incorporated the company’s specific cultural needs, including connections to LRN’s values
  • Later in the year, we also conducted a series of mindfulness meditations with their staff that included employees from the US; Dublin, Ireland; and Mumbai, India
  • Since February 2021, Source Wellness has been working with The Institute for Women’s Health and Body, a OB/GYN practice in the Greater West Palm Beach, FL area by conducting a Mindfulness Training Program (MTP) with physicians and the office staff.
  • The MTP reduces stress significantly, develop a deeper sense of happiness, increase emotional intelligence, and improve productivity by helping employees develop a consistent mindfulness practice
  • We engage in 2, 20 minute sessions weekly to aid employees in developing a consistent mindfulness practice.
  • Participants are welcome to converse with us via email correspondence and to utilize a workbook that includes journaling and further guidance.
  • The program is easy to participate for anyone who has never practiced mindfulness and it is helpful for experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

other key offerings

  • Shift company culture to be more wellness-oriented
  • Give your employees easily applicable tools for personal wellness and effectiveness at work
  • Learn to work with the mind instead of fighting against it; learn the basics of managing stress; and learn essential tools for productivity that will save time, improve teamwork, and cultivate a sense of rest 
  • A virtual curriculum designed so that each module builds on previous learning, creating a cohesive experience focusing on mindfulness, stress management and productivity 
  • These tools create a substantial change in employee health, satisfaction, and productivity
  • One-on-one attention can bolster your mindfulness practice 
  • Work with someone who has the sole mission of helping you improve your work and personal life
  • A more personalized approach can help you address life situations more directly
  • A coach can keep you accountable, point you in the right direction, and see your experience with an unbiased perspective
  • Manage life and work situations with greater clarity, peace, and self-compassion by creating a healthy space between you and life situations
  • Learn to work through issues directly without apathy and without escapism
  • 30 minute sessions, once per week, for three months 
  • Payment through a sliding scale approach: if you’re a CEO, you’ll be paying more than an entry level employee