Provide your employees with everything necessary for a sense of ease, a mindful approach, and a productive workday. Our multifaceted offerings are designed to meet your company where it is. After an short, free consultation call, we can decide together what will bring meaningful change to your company.

Core Offerings

  • Learn about racism in a meaningful way
  • Build 'racial stamina' to bring sustainability to your anti-racism work
  • Learn about white supremacy, racism, and implicit bias
  • Cultivate the tools to take actionable steps
  • Open up channels of communication so that the topic of racism can be addressed and anti-racism can prevail
  • The sessions are as follows: develop your emotional immune system, examine racism historically, learn about compassion and common humanity, explore allyship and solidarity, and utilize design thinking to integrate anti-racism in the workplace
  • Experience a more anti-racist work atmosphere, decreased employee turnover, decreased burnout, and better company culture

    It's up to you. Do you have the courage to confront racism as an institution?
  • Reduce stress significantly, manage day-to-day workload more effectively, increase emotional intelligence, and improve productivity.
  • Employees develop a consistent meditation practice through two virtual, twenty-minute sessions per week and daily meditation recordings
  • Workbook that includes journaling and further guidance
  • Included email correspondence with our facilitators
  • Easy to apply for those who have never meditated and will help those who are experienced meditators deepen their practice.
  • Three and six month packages

other key offerings

  • Shift company culture to be more wellness-oriented
  • Give your employees easily applicable tools for personal wellness and effectiveness at work
  • Learn to work with the mind instead of fighting against it; learn the basics of managing stress; and learn essential tools for productivity that will save time, improve teamwork, and cultivate a sense of rest 
  • A virtual curriculum designed so that each module builds on previous learning, creating a cohesive experience focusing on mindfulness, stress management and productivity 
  • These tools create a substantial change in employee health, satisfaction, and productivity
  • One-on-one attention can bolster your mindfulness practice 
  • Work with someone who has the sole mission of helping you improve your work and personal life
  • A more personalized approach can help you address life situations more directly
  • A coach can keep you accountable, point you in the right direction, and see your experience with an unbiased perspective
  • Manage life and work situations with greater clarity, peace, and self-compassion by creating a healthy space between you and life situations
  • Learn to work through issues directly without apathy and without escapism
  • 30 minute sessions, once per week, for three months 
  • Payment through a sliding scale approach: if you’re a CEO, you’ll be paying more than an entry level employee