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Provide your employees the opportunity to reduce their stress, cultivate mindfulness, have a more productive workday, and promote DEI. Our multifaceted offerings are designed to meet your company where it is. After a complimentary consultation call, we can decide together what will bring meaningful change to your company.

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The Mindful
DEI Program

This program will help your teams understand and embody key concepts of DEI, mindfulness, self-care, and well-being. It gives voice to and highlights multiple under-represented voices and perspectives, promotes the modeling of essential inclusionary workplace practices such as empathy and compassion, and reduces workplace stress and emotional reactivity.

Cohort Workshops
- 8 Week, 8 Session Program Facilitated by Multiple Subject Matter Experts
- 2 Hour Sessions, Up to 20 People
- Includes Workbooks for Attendees
- Includes Resource List for Attendees
- Guided Individual Practices/Exercises
- Group Practices/ Exercises/Discussions
- High Engagement Q&A
- Pre, Post, and Longitudinal Surveys
1-Hour Webinar Sessions
- 8 Week, 8 Session Program
- 1 Hour Sessions, Up to 500 People
- Includes Workbooks for Attendees
- Includes Resource List for Attendees
- One Guided Practice and Exercise per Session
- Pre and Post Surveys
Self-Paced Recorded
- 15-30 Minute Content Recordings
- 10-15 Minute Practice Recordings
- Includes Short Workbook
- Includes Resource list
- Lifetime Access to Recordings
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Individual Sessions

After recognizing what your organization’s pain points are, we tap into our vast network of subject matter experts to deliver single sessions that help employees cultivate key concepts and practices of DEIMW.

DEI Sessions
Designed to instill an accessible and actionable understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion

E.g. How Is DEI Relevant to You: We will explore silent inequities, the power of inclusion, and learn strategies for developing intercultural fluency and a greater level of comfort with the relevance of DEI in our future work lives.
Mindfulness Sessions
Designed to develop the many facets of the faculty of mindfulness

E.g. Taming Workplace Interactions: Explore mindfulness practices that help us focus on our "circle of control" to lessen habitual worry and keep our preoccupations from entering shared workspaces
Wellness Sessions
Designed illuminate the pillars of wellness and share essential tools

E.g. Understanding Different Stress Responses: Reflect on the fight-flight-freeze-fawn stress response and learn how to manage this natural internal phenomenon effectively.
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After understanding your organization’s needs, we structure a collection of sessions to help employees dive deeper into core DEIMW concepts and practices.

Awareness Month Programs
These programs includes sessions of high Quality DEI content with strong elements of mindfulness and compassion (usually one per week for the four weeks of an awareness month)

E.g. Black History Month Program
Women’s History Month Program
Native American Heritage Month Program
Customized DEIMW Program
Miscellaneous sessions put together to address the needs and concerns discovered through conversations with your organization

E.g. Addressing Stress Relief and Burnout
Belonging and Acceptance Workshops
Mindfulness Training Program

Schedule a call or send us an email to learn more about this programming in depth.
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*all of our sessions include mindfulness and DEI Aspects

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Our Non-Profit Initiative

Source Wellness have set an initiative to bring more programming to Non-Profit Organizations. Every single Source Wellness program is available for non-profit organizations at up to a 60% discount, so do not hesitate to reach out.

We believe every organization can benefit from our programming, and we do not want to exclude any organization from the opportunity to work with us in cultivating a company culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Mindfulness, and Wellness.