Mindfulness and Rest

Session Description:

Mindfulness and rest are not merely tools to make us more productive, they serve to help us experience a sense of clarity, ease, and connectedness. When we cultivate mindfulness, we can be more aware of what our needs are, and we can develop coping mechanisms to self-regulate and manage our stress more effectively.

We can be clear about our intentions, notice if our actions are aligning with those intentions, and be kind with ourselves on that journey, Further, when we see how important a personal rest practice is, we can learn to cultivate a sense of ease. From this place of grounding, we can bring more of ourselves to what means the most to us. If we take time to rest each day, we can fill our cup and have a more effective DEI journey.

Session Outline:

  • Learn the definition of mindfulness and engage in a simple and effective mindfulness practice together
  • Discover the connection between mindfulness and rest
  • Learn ways to cultivate a life-long rest practice and the importance of such a journey
  • Connect mindfulness and rest back to workplace experiences
  • Engage in a short rest practice that we can engage in throughout our day
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Jacob Aqua
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