Mindfulness and DEI – What’s the Connection?

Session Description:

In this session, mindfulness practice will be explored as a doorway to DEI. We will dive deep into mindfulness practice as a way of paying attention that has the potential to influence one’s way of being towards embodying resilience, wellbeing, and compassion. We will learn that DEI as a way of being is a means of cultivating inclusive, diverse, and equitable organizations.

Through the intersection of mindfulness and DEI, we will explore the complex interplay between individuals’ ways of being, the actions they take and the systems, structures, and strategies they build.

Session Outline:

  • DEI theory and practice - a historical review, where we are now, and the inherent stressors of our ID&E practice.
  • Defining stress and mindfulness and their relation to each other
  • The cultivation of awareness and compassion
  • Mindfulness practices - body scan, awareness of breathing, informal practice, and in the moment practices
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