How to Be a Citizen in a Globalized World: Intercultural Fluency

Session Description:

This session explores intercultural fluency as a vital skill, how to differentiate between individual and cultural differences, and personal identity formation. We will learn how self-awareness acts as an essential tool to operating in a globalized world that is an amalgamation of complex cultures that take shape visibly and invisibly. As we learn to identify and unpack our own cultural norms and biases, participants will have the space to recognize how each of us operates with the cultural context that shapes our worldviews and guides our decisions.

Session Outline:

  • Inquiry - exploring elements of Identity. the complexity of culture, and identity formation
  • Discovery - the intersectionality of identity, the iceberg theory, and intercultural literacy
  • Journey - understanding and recognizing difference, leading and creating inclusive environments, developing intercultural humility and self-governance, and advocacy
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Tamu Al-Islam M.A.
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